Building the therapeutic relationship

No two people are alike. Our lives can present us with difficulties and challenges and sometimes we don't feel equipped to deal with these. I have a wide breadth of experience in many fields and this enables me to be empathic.


We start where you are. Drawing on different approaches and models, I strive to develop a trusting working relationship, encouraging you to slowly turn towards what is troubling you. With great care, we start to unravel the often complex mix of emotions and thoughts and in time, with greater understanding, you will hopefully feel a softening, an easing in you mind and body.


How many sessions


It's difficult to know how many sessions you will find helpful as short and long term can mean different things to different people. I usually suggest we start with 4 - 6 weekly sessions and then review how you feel the work is going; what you are finding helpful or unhelpful and what direction you may wish to go in.

Coronavirus (Covid - 19)

At present due to Covid-19 restrictions, I am able to offer face to face walk and talk therapy sessions, zoom video call and telephone. I will continue to monitor this and in line with the Government guidelines, I hope to be able to offer face to face sessions when safe.

Walk and talk therapy 


If you would like to know more about the 'walk and talk' therapy sessions, how it works and where we meet, please contact me.